Why hello! I see you’ve stumbled on my obligatory author platform. If you’re here, then you’d like to know at least a little about me, so here are a few words:

I love good stories. Frequently I read something that’s very good, but some small part of my brain says, “Oh, why aren’t there stories that do this, or a story with that kind of character.” Like most writers, I listened to that little part of my brain and decided that if I wanted to read stories that do this, or had that kind of character, I’d have to write them my damn self. So there we are.

I’m also a family man and a salary man. I try to be a good husband, I raise teenagers, and I work in a cubicle with my fellow corporate stooges.  Since you have to feed children every day, and the bank wants their mortgage check every month, I stay in the day job. I write in whatever interstitial slices of time I can.

I say that I like science fiction and fantasy stories, though oddly enough I don’t have a lot of books with swords or dragons or rayguns or spaceships on the covers. Have a look at my Favorite Things page to see what I mean. As a result, the stories I write could be placed on the fantasy or science fiction shelves in a notional bookstore, but I don’t expect I’d see many dragons or spaceships on my covers … whenever I get covers. Have a look at my Works page and you’ll get a better idea of what I like to write.

Thanks for dropping by! If you’d like to hear from me more regularly than a mostly-static website about me, do subscribe to my mailing list, or pop by my contact page.