Editing Services

I know where the commas go.

Great news: I now provide copyediting and proofreading services! It’s definitely time for me to monetize my grammar and usage superpowers, so if you have:

  • A polished indie-published novel that needs refining
  • A manuscript you’re aiming toward traditional publishing
  • A short story for your buddy’s Kickstarter anthology
  • A blog post for your favorite content mill or freelancer website
  • An academic paper that’s been keeping you up for weeks

… then I’m your man with the red pen.

You’ve gone through all the effort of creating the words, and you’ve even taken a run at editing them yourself. In fact, you’ve read it so many times that you can’t see straight.

When it’s time to get that second set of eyes on your work, come talk to me.

Okay, that’s it, that’s the pitch. So how much is it going to cost?


This is the service where I tackle your grammar, punctuation, syntax, spelling, word usage errors. It’s a comprehensive, in-the-weeds edit your ninth-grade English teacher would be proud of. My rates are as follows:

  • Novel-length works (up to 100,000 words): $600
  • Short story-length works (up to 8,000 words): $60
  • SEO-friendly blog post-length works (up to 2,000 words): $40
  • Academic papers: varies by length and subject matter

Got something outside those general word counts (e.g., your 200K epic fantasy doorstopper or your 30K short story [that really should be a novella])? Contact me and we’ll work something out.

Heck, just contact me anyway. For longer works I’ll do four pages (around 1,000 words) for free. Not just because I’m nice—I’m also very handsome—but it’s a good way for us to figure out if we’ll work well together.


For this service I’ll take a final pass through your polished, copyedited work for any lingering spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. This is your last line of defense before hitting that Publish button. My rates are a lot simpler here:

  • $2.00 per page for works under 10,000 words
  • $1.50 per page for works between 10,000 and 100,000 words

You can consider a page to be 250 words, so an 80,000 word novel is 320 “pages,” regardless of formatting. In this example, proofreading your 80K masterpiece will run you about $480.

For this service, I’ll do the same first-one’s-free offer: four pages/1,000 words (of longer works) gratis, because you’re a good person and you deserve it.

Aren’t Those Rates, Er, Kinda Below Market?

You bet they are. But I’m just getting started in this business, and that’s kinda how you do it. Offer introductory rates to people who are on a budget, or are otherwise in a position to give the new guy a shot. Those numbers won’t stay that way forever!

If you’re ready to make your excellent prose even better, hit me up via the contact form below and we’ll talk.

Need Testimonials First?

Oh, I’ve got testimonials. Disclosure time: these are friends and family for whom I’ve done copy editing and proofreading for a diversity of projects, fiction and non-fiction.

Sean has done wonders for my book, helping me with grammar, style, and POV, and I feel as though I received an invaluable education. He’s an absolute delight to work with, a rare combination of expertise and people skills. I recommend him wholeheartedly for all your editing needs. My book is under contract now, thanks to Sean.

Dr. Sophia Moskalenko, Novelist

This is my go-to guy for editing and writing advice both for personal and professional writing. My main job function is not copywriting, so I sometimes feel self-conscious about having my writing criticized. Sean thorough and accurate with his edits and suggestions, and his communication style is warm and non-judgmental.

Annie Singer, Marketing Maestro

Sean took an old list of guidelines I was struggling to update and turned them into a concise, gender-inclusive set that can be used for years to come.

Melissa Gutierrez, Educator

He was the difference between a B and an A on my seminary thesis! He’s clear, concise and professional! AWESOME! Thanks!

Michael Pratt, Pastor

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