Works In Progress

  • RECIPROCITY: A fantasy thriller with crime noir and LGBT romance elements, approximately 100,000 words; a fairly mature third draft.

Kaeri found a home with the Langbroek crime family after a childhood tragedy, and she has plenty of reasons to be grateful. But after ten years of protection rackets, collecting debts, and breaking kneecaps, Kaeri has grown tired of the life. As a gang war escalates with the Rademaker family, everyone wants a piece of her – the Langbroeks, the Rademakers, and her estranged brother, a secret policeman who wants her to turn informant.

When a beautiful noblewoman stumbles into the slums of the Lower Terrace, she asks Kaeri to help her retrieve the prototype for a fearsome weapon. Kaeri sees her chance to escape the grasping fingers of the crime families and her brother, but only if she betrays them all.

Status: Going through an editing pass, considering a substantial rewrite.

  • EXUBERANCE: A military fantasy adventure with elements of horror, approximately 120,000 words; a fresh first draft.

Though Evelien Jansens is technically a soldier, she prefers her life of quiet study and research within the hallowed halls of the Stonecoast Proving Grounds and Military Academy. Captain Jansens, a renowned military scientist and doctor, faces unexpected deployment to the northern frontier on an ill-advised expedition. A struggle for professional recognition quickly unravels into a fight for her life when an overzealous company man unwittingly sabotages the mission. The expedition suffers a devastating defeat at the hands, claws, and pseudopods of eldritch horrors released from an ancient prison. Captain Jansens must lead the survivors out of the prison, and seal the evil within once more.

Status: Cooling off.

Published Work

“Firebreak” (Short Story)
Out For A Hero
July 2016